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  • Motorcycle Cargo Trailer
  • Capacity to haul 780 pounds

Custom Projects- Cargo Trailers

  • Race salon floor

Custom Projects- Floor Installation

  • This seagate door was Carbon Laminate PrePreg with a foam core. 
  • The clients original seagate door was made of aluminum and weighed 204 pounds.  Imagine trying to handle this door by yourself, especially if the waves are rough.
  • Our version of the seagate door weighed only 17 pounds.  Can easily be handled by anyone.

Seagate Door

  • Customer required that the mast hold 800 pounds
  • Internally loomed for wiring
  • Vacuum Infused Composite
  • Radar Mast was S-Glass Carbon Laminate with Foam Core
  • Mast is 11 1/2 feet tall
  • Mast only weighs 310 pounds

Radar Tower

  • This custom project consisted of a fixed ceiling panel and a retractable roof.
  • Vacuum Infused Carbon Laminate 
  • Internal wireway and brackets 
  • Ceiling Panel dimensions - 22ft 9in X 19ft 6in.  Required ZERO deflection
  • Final weight of panel - 310 pounds   
  • Retractable Roof dimensions - 22ft 11in X 19ft 6in.  Required ZERO deflection 
  • Panel was cantilevered at the rear at 33 inches
  • Required 1/2 inch between ceiling panel and retractable roof  
  • Drop of panel from cantilever to tip was 0  
  • Final weight of retractable roof - 280 pounds


  • Arch and Radar Mast
  • Retractable Roof
  • Radar Tower
  • Seagate Door
  • Custom Projects Upon Request (Floor Installation & Cargo Trailers)

Specialized Marine Projects

  • Customer required that the arch and mast hold 1400 pounds
  • Internally loomed for wiring
  • Vacuum Infused Carbon Laminate with Foam Core
  • Arch is 22' 4" wide
  • Thickness of arch is only 4.5"
  • Arch and Mast complete assembly weighs only 573 pounds


Arch and Radar Mast

Retractable Roof

Radar Tower

Seagate Door

Custom Marine Projects

Opening in 1995, McHugh Composites Inc. has quickly become a leader in the composites industry. Focusing on marine, wind energy and military projects, McHugh Composites is able to provide all customers the diverse skills and fabrication they require.

For wind energy, McHugh Composites provides the quality control services companies need to keep their wind turbines operational. Specializing in the fabrication and inspection of composite fiberglass components, the McHugh Composites Inc. staff of technicians are ready to quickly and expertly complete all of your wind farm maintenance and repair needs.

The marine industry established the foundation that McHugh Composites was formed on. Utilizing the top composite fabrication processes in the industry, McHugh Composites is able to fabricate the largest and smallest of projects.

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