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Wind Energy

Industrial Agriculture Sprayer

All of our technicians utilize a complete checklist for the maintenance of a tower. Detailed photographs are taken during each step of the entire process. A complete and detailed record of the inspection and any required maintenance is provided to the customer for their records.


  • All technicians are fully trained in extraction in case of emergency.
  • All technicians utilize 100% tie-off for the stringent of safety standards.


  • Re-torque mounting hardware of tower (80% Inspection)
  • Re-torque all blade mounting hardware
  • Maintain or repair all ladders and elevators in tower
  • Repair or replace any broken or worn motor, gear and generator
  • Re-paint tower if needed
  • Repair any broken welds
  • Clean-up of tower interior and spill decks

Maintenance and Repair


  • Interior Blade Inspection
  • Ground-level Inspection
  • On-Tower, 1000-hour Blade Inspection
  • Exterior Blade Inspection
  • Ground Level Inspection
  • On-Tower, 500-hour Blade Inspection
  • Inspection of Root
  • Inspection of Spinner, Gears and all mounting Hardware
  • Inspection of Motors, Gears, Generator
  • Inspection of all Fluids
  • Inspect all welds
  • Inspect all ladders and elevators

Wind & Agriculture Projects